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macmarsh Offline

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17.01.2012 11:45
[Video]: 4-day trip on the Colo River, Australia (7-min edit) antworten

I've had some more time to edit down the footage from our 4-day trip. The GoPro, mounted on the bow, captures both boats on the water very nicely, and also captures the gorge scenery well.

The Colo Gorge cuts through a huge tract of the Wollemi wilderness in NSW. The steep sandstone gorge is difficult to access.

We start downriver at Upper Colo, then pole, paddle, and line the canoes about 24-km upstream to the Wollangambe confluence, over two days, sleeping in a rock shelter or beach overnight.

The river is shallow and sandy for the lower 9-km, and poling is the best way to move upstream. After that, in the gorge proper, deep pools alternate with boulder-blockup rapids.

The reverse trip downstream takes only ⅔ the time, and is more relaxing.

At low water levels, a clear path down the boulder-choked rapids is difficult to find, but sandy-beach campsites are plentiful.

Boats are Mad River Freedom Solo, and Mad River Legend 16, both in Royalex. GoPro camera is mounted on the bow.

King Rapids is said to be a Grade IV or V in high water--most of the others would be a II or III.

The river can rise VERY quickly overnight. In December 2010, it rose 6-m in 24-hrs, then dropped 3-m the following 24-hrs. See the flash flood here:

AxeI Offline

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17.01.2012 12:46
#2 RE: [Video]: 4-day trip on the Colo River, Australia (7-min edit) antworten

Thank you for this entertaining little film. I liked it very much (not only the parts around that "Whoops!"). You lucky people have summer now (I was told a cold one this year). We are in the middle of winter now and most people neglect their boats.

We should have a "like"-button in this part of the forum (trip-report)...


There's more means to move a canoe than paddles

macmarsh Offline

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18.01.2012 21:25
#3 RE: [Video]: 4-day trip on the Colo River, Australia (7-min edit) antworten

I'm glad you like it Axel. I checked out your blog, and I find it very interesting. I like your information on canoe repair, outfitting, and poling. Cheers!

ceerge Offline

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20.01.2012 09:03
#4 RE: [Video]: 4-day trip on the Colo River, Australia (7-min edit) antworten

Hi M. thank you for this excellent video.
Best regards, cerge

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