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macmarsh Offline

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10.01.2012 07:01
[Video]: Whitewater capsize on the Colo River, Australia antworten

Just got back from a wilderness canoeing trip. 4 days canoeing on the Colo River, in the Wollemi National Park. We time we paddled some reaches that we hadn't go to before. As you may recall, access into the Colo gorge is very difficult, so we pole and paddle upstream, then reverse the trip. It's VERY spectacular.

Here's a short clip of a capsize in rapids, captured on a GoPro, mounted on the bow. A longer video will follow, when I get time to do some more editing. The wide-angle of the GoPro captures the gorge scenery well.

Troubadix Offline

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10.01.2012 15:39
#2 RE: [Video]: Whitewater capsize on the Colo River, Australia antworten

Hallo Macmarsh,
nice video, hopefuly it wan´t happen to me, thinking about my luggage .
Greetings to Australia

AxeI Offline

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10.01.2012 16:08
#3 RE: [Video]: Whitewater capsize on the Colo River, Australia antworten

Thank you for posting this video of a classic offside capsize. That happened to me many times before and I am sure it will happen also in the future. No weed grown against that (except maybe a fast high brace onside / Righting Pry).
I am looking forward to the longer video. Poling upstream is not very popular in our parts. Seems to me like a good idea to advertise this way of moving canoes.


There's more means to move a canoe than paddles

moose Offline

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10.01.2012 20:41
#4 RE: [Video]: Whitewater capsize on the Colo River, Australia antworten

info: hab das für mich (und wers braucht) reingestellt, dass ich das wiederfinde. Der Colo River ist ein Fluss im Osten des australischen Bundesstaates New South Wales. Er entsteht durch den Zusammenfluss von Wollemi Creek und Capertee River im Wollemi-Nationalpark im nördlichen Teil der Blue Mountains.
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macmarsh Offline

Beiträge: 11

14.01.2012 03:37
#5 RE: [Video]: Whitewater capsize on the Colo River, Australia antworten

Hi Axel,

We did a similar trip on this river about two years ago, and made a video. There is some brief footage of poling upstream in the beginning.

I didn't have a GoPro then, so the footage is mostly from the banks, or in-stream boulders.

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