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snowgoose.skipper Offline

Beiträge: 40

23.06.2011 13:45
Trip Suggestions: Northern Germany antworten

Please excuse me writing in English: I'm afraid my German is very poor :(

My daughter and I recently paddled the River Lahn from Diez to the Rhein and down to Koblenz. We had a lovely time (see our photos and trip report) but now we are coming to Germany again, and must decide where to go.

Our Ferry is next Wednesday evening (29th June). By Tuesday 5th July we must be at the campsite used for Kringelfieber a few weeks ago: Camping- und Ferienpark Teichmann on the Edersee in Hessen. In between we can go anywhere!

We could go to Marburg and paddle more of the Lahn, but we were wondering what other rivers (up to class II / grade II) we might explore.

We have Kanuwandern in Nord-und Westdeutchland with notes on the Rur, Ems, Lippe, Lenne, Sieg, Wied, Eder, Fulda, Werra, Diemel, Nethe, Emmer, Weser, Leine, Rhume and others. Our German is so limited this doesn't really help us choose which river - especially as we do not think you have had much rain in Germany this spring and summer!

So where should we go to get interesting paddling in attractive scenery?

Bo Offline

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23.06.2011 20:47
#2 RE: Trip Suggestions: Northern Germany antworten

I suggest you to paddle the river Werra. The river flows through a fantastic landscape and the way to Hessen is not that far!

Greetings from Berlin

ronald Offline

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24.06.2011 17:01
#3 RE: Trip Suggestions: Northern Germany antworten


nice trip report!
considering the way you and your daughter are travelling, enjoying the surrounding etc. i´d recommend the river Altmühl for a 4-5day trip. ok it´s in the south but provides you with good infrastructure (campgrounds), interesting things to see, good food and all.
check out the "flusswiki" at or other sources for more info. if you need help in translating or more info on my fav canoeing area, feel free to contact me.

Gruß, Ronald

Uwe_F Offline

Beiträge: 47

27.06.2011 14:31
#4 RE: Trip Suggestions: Northern Germany antworten

Hello Snowgoose Skipper!

Two beautiful rivers not so far away from lake Edersee are river Werra (As mentioned by BO already)and river Fulda.
A nice place to start for a trip on River Fulda is “Rotenburg an der Fulda”, around 60km air-line distance south-east of campground Teichmann.
You’ll find some campgrounds at river Fulda and have to pass some self-service weir systems which you have to wind up and down by yourself.
One of theme it’s close to the old and beautiful town “Melsungen”, with old buildings and houses in timber frame construction.
It’s consistently a big enjoyment for the whole family. A nice campground to close your trip is located at “Fuldaschleife” close to the town “Guxhagen”.
Another nice River I can suggest you is the little river Diemel. You can start your trip from “Warburg” (Around 40km air-line distance north-east of campground Teichmann)and go to the confluence of river Diemel into river Weser at “Bad Karlshafen”, with overnight stay at campground “Trendelburg” at the half way. Hope this will help you a little to come to a decision.
Have a nice time in Germany.
Looking forward to meet you any time on the water.

Best regards,

By the way: There are some interesting places to visit around lake Edersee…

Mattes71 Offline

Beiträge: 229

27.06.2011 21:06
#5 RE: Trip Suggestions: Northern Germany antworten

Anyway, if you have not so much time, spend it on the river Lippe. You have little rapids, very little rapids. You can start in Paderborn Sande, paddling to Lippstadt and then Kessler Mühle. You can see it in your book. But you have to end the tour just before Hamm. There to may portages after that.

snowgoose.skipper Offline

Beiträge: 40

28.06.2011 00:42
#6 RE: Trip Suggestions: Northern Germany antworten

Thank-you Bo, Ronald, Uwe and Mattes for your help. In two days we will be in Germany; I must soon decide where to go!

We may have a look at the Altmühl in August on our way to Austria, but for now I will look at the the Werra, Fulda, Diemel or Lippe.

Two questions:

1. On the River Lahn trip we used the train to get back from Koblenz to Diez. I'm wondering how we might get back to the car on the other rivers.

2. Is the water level currently a problem on any of the rivers?

We will have a nice paddle somewhere!

Ps. For an earlier trip report see Drôme (Canoe Festival), Ardèche, Allier: we had 7 days of lovely paddling at Easter :)

Skua Offline

Beiträge: 248

28.06.2011 10:20
#7 RE: Trip Suggestions: Northern Germany antworten

High Skip,
maybe you start in Kassel on the Fulda, run down Fulda and Weser til Minden. This is a wonderful trip and can be done in time without problems. Water is high enough, no problem. For return, there is a train between Minden and Kassel. From Kassel to the Edersee is just a short trip by car.
Have a nice trip, whereever you decide to go, Skua

Keine Hektik, wer hektisch wird macht Fehler.

Riverwalker Offline

Beiträge: 195

28.06.2011 10:47
#8 RE: Trip Suggestions: Northern Germany antworten

Hi Snowgoose,

I recently stayed at the camp Maisy May. You can find it under
The guy owning the campside is very nice. The campside is at the Werratalsee, which is a very nice small sea to paddle at. There are two little islands on it and you can portage your canoe right intoo the Werra which is a portage of less than 20 Meters. No kiddin`. At the little campsite you find good toilets and can use the Sanitary of a soccerfield 100 Meters away. They are both very clean.
Beverages each 1 Euro if you need a cold beer or a coke and there are two large stores within a 5 Minute carride.

If you wanna paddle the Fulda, you will be there within an hour, The Eder isn`t far either. So that looks to be one of the best spots nearby.

Getting back to your canoe???? Well, I´d ask him:

Manfred Weick
Mangelgasse 30 a
37269 Eschwege
Telefon 05651-2290515
Telefax 05651-2290516

Have fun and please, take some fotos and show`em all.


Uwe_F Offline

Beiträge: 47

28.06.2011 12:12
#9 RE: Trip Suggestions: Northern Germany antworten

As Matthes has written before, the upper Lippe, starting from Sande, is very nice also.
I know this part well, because I live around 5min by car from Sande (Distance Sande – Edersee around one hour by car).
I you are interested in please feel free and send me a PM. I’ll send you my mobile phone no. so you can contact me directly.


snowgoose.skipper Offline

Beiträge: 40

28.06.2011 14:42
#10 RE: Trip Suggestions: Northern Germany antworten

Thank-you everyone!

I shall be looking hard at the maps overnight, but we might drive to Kassell / Hann Munden, look at the Fulda and Weser and find out about trains. This area would seem to be worth investigating!

We may paddle for a few days and then go and look at other rivers :)

The campsite recommendation is much appreciated.


snowgoose.skipper Offline

Beiträge: 40

15.07.2011 11:01
#11 RE: Trip Suggestions: Northern Germany antworten

We have returned safely from a wonderful trip to Germany.

Our plan to paddle the Fulda changed when I took a wrong turn out of Kassel and ended up in Hann Munden late on Thursday afternoon: we ended up camping on the banks of the Fulda and then paddling down the Weser to near Hameln, where we met up with my parents for a short holiday before going on to my Instructor Development Workshop.

We found the Weser very nice to paddle, and enjoyed the many miles of fast paddling with no portages. We had strong headwinds at times, but still managed 126km between Friday afternoon and Sunday afternoon, which was a nice change from our slower progress on the Lahn. When I have sorted out my photographs, I'll write up the trip in a blog and post a link.

Thanks once again for all of the help.

Ps. On the way from Hann Munden to Edersee, I looked at the Fulda and Eder and I shall aim to paddle on those rivers on a future visit: perhaps in September, but if not then maybe next May :)

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