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26.04.2010 15:03
mad river quest antworten

The Color is burgondy with new wood gunnels and other woodwork.

Asking price 450 Euro

I can travel to kringelfieber if the price is right.
It is a composite one. I have done some small repairs.

The boat is in the netherlands.

Picute will follow. Asap

Specifications from Mad River:
"his comfortable canoe has a contemporary, asymmetrical hull shape that is increasingly flared for added seaworthiness The V entry, designed for easy tracking gives way to a shallow arch bottom providing performance you would not expect in a recreational canoe. For maximum weight savings, the Quest can he equipped with our aluminum gunwale system.
The Quest has a Lightweight hull, is a small, performance oriented canoe. Weighing far less than polyethylene canoes, the Mad River Quest paddles easily and glides quickly on ponds, lakes and smooth-flowing rivers. Children and adults will feel secure on casual outings around the summer cottage or on weekend camping trips. The highly maneuverable Quest can be easily paddled solo by installing a center cane seat or kneeling thwart.
Designer: Jim Henry
Hull Configuration:
• Slight Rocker
• Asymmetrical
• Shallow Arch w/Flare
6" Freeboard Capacity:
640 lbs.
Average Weight:
• RL w/alum 54 lbs.
• RL w/Ash 56 lbs. Length: 14'7"
Gunwale Width: 35"
4" Water line Width:31.5"
Depth At Canter: 13"
Bow Height: 20"
Stern Height: 20"

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