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Zur Vermeidung rechtlicher Auseinandersetzungen werden Äußerungen über die Firma Gatz-Kanus, deren Namen und deren Produkte nicht geduldet.

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23.03.2024 21:39
swift winisk in the uk Antworten

A buddy is selling his winisk:

£1400.00 ono
For many skilled paddlers, the greatest pleasure is realized when on large, wind swept lakes. This kind of paddling requires a fast, seaworthy canoe that has the ability to efficiently carry the gear necessary for extended trips. Fast and secure, the Winisk is the quintessential flat-water tripping canoe for longer trips.
Cherry seats and yoke. Contoured yoke. Contoured seats. Sliding Bow seat.
Length: 17’ 6″
Optimum Load Range: 400-625 lbs.
Industry Capacity: 950 lbs.
Hull Shape: Asymmetrical
Gunwale Width: 36”
Maximum Width: 36“
Waterline Width: 32.5”
Centre Depth: 14”
Bow Height: 22”
Stern Height: 19”
Bow Rocker: 2.5”
Stern Rocker: 1”
Expedition Kevlar 48 lbs.
so that is goldfusion

It is dark green

if you are quick and persuade a driver or 2 it can end up at kringelfieber.
I thinkit is doalbe for fast desiders.
if not make a nice holiday over there.

pm me for his contacts or do a search on fb

von Kris