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Blackmore Offline

Beiträge: 57

03.03.2008 08:40
#16 RE: Transport von Karibuhälften antworten

Danke für alle Tipps. Im April kaufen wir uns das 170er PAK. Wollen dann einige Sachen in Deutschland machen (z.B. Fulda)
und im Sommer in Finnisch Lappland unterwegs sein. Werde danach mal einen Erfahrungsbericht abgeben.

Alv Elvestad Offline

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19.03.2008 02:03
#17 Inflatable parts in PakCanoes antworten

Hi, I am Alv from Pakboats,
It has been a long time since I posted anything in this forum. Since there have been a few comments about our inflatable parts, I want to add some comments of my own. As many of you know, we had a lot of problems with inflatable tubes in 2006 - and occasionally in earlier models as well. At the end of the 2006 season we researched the problems as carefully as we could, and we found a couple of surprises: The 2006 problems were caused by a purchasing agent buying biodegradable material! That was not quite what we had in mind, and even the possibility had never occurred to us. Some earlier problems seemed to have been caused by a polyurethane coating layer that was so thin that it made RF welded seams less reliable than they should be.

Our decision was to increase the thickness of both the polyurethane and the woven reinforcement, and we found a much more durable grade of polyurethane. Hydrolysys testing of the new material indicated that it is more durable than the US made material we had used in our US PakCanoe production. In the year since we started shipping the new inflatable tubes, there have been almost no complaints. (Of course, we still hear from people who have problems with the old tubes, and we send replacements from stock in Germany and the US).

And then to the comment I wanted to make: I doubt that there is a need to worry about pressure in PakCanoe tubes. With the narrow profile and tough fabric, it will be almost impossible to overinflate the tubes with the pump that is shipped with the boat - even if you inflate on a chilly morning and have the sun heat the tubes later in the day.

Greetings to you all.

Alv, Pakboats

Tommy ( Gast )

19.03.2008 23:13
#18 RE: Inflatable parts in PakCanoes antworten

Well Alv, Shit happens. A friend of mine was sitting on the shore of the Tatshenshini for two days trying to repair a Grabner Outside, which was pumped up in the morning, before the sun came out. And the Outside is a really strong inflatable. Maybe this doesnt happen to the Pakboats due to the smaller volume of the tubes.
( But there are still sharp stones, wild rose bushes, fenches etc....)


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