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26.06.2015 01:34
Weekly workshops with the construction of a canoe in Skon on Frame technology. antworten

Weekly workshops with the construction of a canoe in Skon on Frame technology.

Agritourism Farm “Dzika Chata” in Poland at Mała Panew river.

Soroka canoe has a length of 4.2m and a width of 0.9m, is designed for one person for long solitary journeys or up to 2 - 3 days journeys for 2 people. Canoe is very lightweight and durable. Cover with resistant to punctures and abrasion nylon fabric. Construction is build without the use of glue, skeleton is impregnated with linseed oil and nylon fabric with acrylic paint recommended for painting toys (suitable certificate).

For those who are interested in an album of pictures from building the prototype:

Stability tests film:

For a little unconvinced about the strength of the fabric a link to the video showing his strength:

The course includes:
- Building your own canoe in Skin on Frame technology
- Help in building
- Accommodation and full board
- One or two oars (please specify height from the ground to the chin in order to select paddles)

The course fee for one person is 820 Euro. Assuming that one person builds one canoe.
The cost of the course for two people is 980 Euro. Assuming that two people build one canoe.

If you want to come with the family and build with them, there is not a problem. In the area is a lot of interesting things and when some of you will build your canoe, the rest will surely find a interesting things to do, that why it was prepared a special offer for families.

The course starts with registration at 3 units and a maximum amount of built canoe is 5.

The deadline for submitting participation and advance payment is 08.03.2015

Please direct any questions to: marcinbober(at)

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